The Team

Jess Vitatoe
Jess Vitatoe
Co-founder - Realtor

Jess began in the real estate industry as a receptionist for a local mortgage company at just 19 and was offered a processor position within her first year there. During mortgage process training, she developed a sincere passion for it. Maintaining a pipeline of 40+ files monthly, she quickly learned the organizational basics and detail essentials of the role. Over the years to come, she processed hundreds of mortgages and had her first child. After the tragic market crash of 2008, Jess went on to process/close short sales for a real estate brokerage, closing over 80 short sales a month. After her second child, she fueled her ambition to sell homes and became a realtor.

Joe Vitatoe
Joe Vitatoe
Co-founder - Realtor - Associate Broker

From a young age, Joe was always interested in the real estate industry since his family was actively involved in the space. After working in sales during his teenage years, Joe realized he had a talent for building customer relationships with quality customer service. Naturally, he excelled at executing business concepts and developed a fervent entrepreneurial mindset. Joe was certain his career path would continue in sales and after initially valuing real estate strictly as an investment opportunity, he later met and married his wife Jess and made real estate sales his full-time career.  

Pam Vitatoe

Pamela Vitatoe is a reputable realtor at The Vitatoe Real Estate Group. She works directly with buyers and sellers. Pam has worked  in the real estate since 2016, and for twenty-five years before in a variety of executive management roles. She negotiate deals, schedules showings, and follow-ups, produce and sign contracts, write offers, and most importantly. Wins for her clients! Among her many strengths, Pam possesses versatility for a range of demands, maintains honesty in all instances, and is always determined to succeed. She never fails to fight for her clients and is consistently respectful of their expectations and desires. 

Andrea Walsh joined the Vitatoe Real Estate Group in May 2021 to fulfill a Realtor role. With almost two decades worth of customer service experience, Andrea is excellent at client communication and assistance. She serves her clients with incredible care, often helping them make the most major decisions and critical purchases of their lives. Andrea’s passion is to cover the details and secure genuine connections with each of her clients. Whether they are buying or selling a property, she ensures a seamless process for everyone. Her goal is to always have her clients feel confident, informed, and comfortable – she strives to be a reliable and responsive realtor, guaranteeing her clients’ needs are thoroughly met. To offer clients the best service, Andrea regularly educates herself on real estate market news and trends. 

Megan Diamond was added to the Vitatoe Real Estate Group in June 2021 and is responsible for helping clients through the home purchasing and selling process. Megan possesses solid experience in the business realm. She has maintained a business in the Beauty Industry for over a decade with a Cosmetologist license. Megan worked as an independent contractor at a salon for 6 years and has owned her own beauty business for two years. She attended Lee University from 2006-2008 and recently obtained her Real Estate Salesperson License. An average workday for Megan involves delivering exceptional service, consistent communication for clients, scheduling appointments, and posting and sharing on social media accounts. Megan aims to execute dependable customer service skills and remain communicative in all situations for her clients. She also enjoys building lasting relationships with the clients she serves.

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